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Lirrii is situated in the striking interior region of Hii known as Nii.

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The best way in to Lirrii is to hire a local guide in the nearby city of Hibai.

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$1 USD = 11.84 yly


A map of the city
Ii Gii Rai Ii Ivüi Izhii Rii Gii Hiñii II BIGÄI IOI BII II GII II OUI LALAI

Statue of Bi I

  • Ii neighborhood

Bi I is the Lirrii prime minister.

Gi Shrine

  • Ii neighborhood

A tucked-away shrine to the god Gi, who is depicted as a seed pod with a fish's head.

Iga monastery

  • Oui neighborhood

Rii Shrine

  • Lalai neighborhood

A popular stone shrine to the god Rii, who is depicted as a hybrid tangle of vines and lizard. Look for small sacrifices of blood left by believers.

Hii capitol

  • Ii neighborhood

Built in 540, this imposing stone building houses the seat of the Hii nation's government. You aren't likely to set eyes on the beloved prime minister, but the building is abuzz with clerks and functionaries.

Üri Yhü

  • Gii neighborhood

Üri is one of Lirrii's best Hiiian-style restaurants. It's a enduring favorite where you can enjoy this restaurant with green-painted stone walls and brick wall-hangings. There are a abundant range of dishes on offer, including "yhii" (a dumpling made with ytibfi and a vegetable called yia).

Gäli Ygi

  • Ioi neighborhood

This building with orange-painted stone walls and brick doorways gets rave reviews for good and affordable Hiiian-style food and ambiance. The relaxing atmosphere makes it a prestigious.

I Yi

  • Oui neighborhood

I is a rather dark and seedy place to say the least, but within its stone walls you'll get a good range of local dishes.


The Ipi language

The official language of Lirrii is Ipi. You are unlikely to find any English speakers in Lirrii, so at least a general knowledge of Ipi will go a long way.

Hello: yrri

Thank you: yüa

Goodbye: ywi

Sorry: yi

My name is _: ñi yi _

Where is _: gari _

Learn a New Ipi Word

Bii [bii]
noun: A river in Hii
Gari [ɢeɻi]
adverb: Where
Gäli [ɢaⱱ̟i]
adjective: Delicious
Hibai [hib̪ei]
noun: A city near Lirrii in Hii
Hii [hii]
noun: The country in which Lirrii is situated
I [i]
verb: To be
I [i]
adjective: Outsider
Lirrii [ⱱ̟irii]
noun: A city in Hii
Nii [nii]
noun: The region of Hii in which Lirrii is situated
Ybi [ybi]
noun: A type of fruit native to the Nii region
Ygi [yɢi]
noun: Cafe
Ygigi [yɢiɢi]
noun: Alcohol
Yhii [yhii]
noun: Dumpling made with ytibfi and a vegetable called yia
Yhü [yhʉ]
noun: Restaraunt
Yi [yi]
noun: Name
Yi [yi]
noun: Sorry
Yi [yi]
noun: Restaurant
Yia [yie]
noun: A vegetable native to Lirrii; a vegetable stalk, with spongy, pale yellow flesh
Yigi [yiɢi]
noun: Tea
Yly [yⱱ̟y]
noun: The local currency
Ypihi [yp̪ihi]
noun: Pastry
Yri [yɻi]
noun: Market; shopping district
Yrri [yri]
noun: Hello
Ytibfi [ytiʙi]
noun: A vegetable native to Lirrii; a squash, with spongy, deep green flesh
Ywi [yhwi]
noun: Goodbye
Ywia [yhwie]
noun: Creamy soup made with ytibfi and a vegetable called yia
Yñi [yɲi]
noun: Coin
Yñi [yɲi]
noun: Female
Yñiñi [yɲiɲi]
noun: Male
noun: Pie made with ytibfi and a vegetable called yia
Yüa [yʉe]
noun: Thanks
Ñi [ɲi]
pronoun: I; first-person pronoun
Üri [ʉɾi]
adjective: Tasty
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Ñüi are tiny yellow rodents that groom each other to show affection. Local children like to catch them and keep them as pets.


Local Produce

Although the hot, dry climate may seem harsh, Lirrii is the home to some delicious native produce. Be sure to try Ybi, a round stone fruit with a large pit. It has a hard, spotted yellow-on-orange shell that cracks open in your hand. The flesh is segmented, speckled yellow-on-red and lightly sour, with milky juice.