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Uurreuir's Capital of Industry and Craft

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Uuheurr is situated in the scenic valley region of Uurreuir known as Ueuiwu.

Get In

The best way in to Uuheurr is to hire a local guide in the nearby city of Uurreudut.

Exchange Rate

$1 USD = 7.51 euxeuzeubf


A map of the city
Uiiud Ueungeurr Ueurreueu Ueudurrigh Uuxeurr Uudiirr Ueurruy Uueuu Uungeung UEUYING UIGHEURR UEUTINGEUNG UEUDEU UUTHEUTHEUD UEUEUHEUH UEUHEU

Statue of Irreu Itheuweun

  • Ueuying neighborhood

Irreu Itheuweun is a famous Uuheurr Lady.

Eurreui monastery

  • Uutheutheud neighborhood

Eudeurr monastery

  • Ueutingeung neighborhood

Eughith Temple

  • Ueutingeung neighborhood

This temple, devoted to Izeueurr, a god who is depicted as a winding river with a tuft of grass's head, is famous for its artfully crafted hammered metal icons and decorations. Look for small sacrifices of teeth left by believers.

Uurreuir capitol

  • Ueutingeung neighborhood

Built in 467, this imposing stone building houses the seat of the Uurreuir nation's government. You aren't likely to set eyes on any of the beloved lords or ladies, but the building is abuzz with clerks and functionaries.

Irri Upi

  • Ueueuheuh neighborhood

Irri is a Uurreuirian-style restaurant in Uuheurr that's been going strong since 1756. With a busy atmosphere and attentive service, it offers Uurreuirian-style cuisine in a stylish stone and metal restaurant.

Ughi Irreurr

  • Ueudeu neighborhood

This local go-to opened in 1893 and has set the tone for Uuheurr cuisine ever since. Regulars like to order "urreungeur" (a dish made with game and a vegetable called eurrui), sit back, and enjoy the cozy charm.

Ieuh Eueurr

  • Ueuying neighborhood

With a gourmet, Uurreuirian-style menu and busy atmosphere, Ieuh is a enduring favorite. It will have you craving perennial favorites like "eungeuthuy" (a stir-fry made with eurrurr and a vegetable called eurrui). The setting, in a restaurant with yellow-painted stone walls and metal doorways, is stunning, a perfect Uuheurr experience.

euudeu Teahouse

  • Ueuheu neighborhood


The Eueu language

The official language of Uuheurr is Eueu. You are unlikely to find any English speakers in Uuheurr, so at least a general knowledge of Eueu will go a long way.

Did you know, Eueu only has three vowels?

Hello: iuzheup

Thank you: eunu

Goodbye: urreu

Sorry: ingueurr

My name is _: eutheupir iirr _

Where is _: ieuth _

Learn a New Eueu Word

Eueugheurr [ʏʏɣʏʀ]
noun: Tea
Eueurr [ʏʏʀ]
noun: Restaurant
Eugheu [ʏɣʏ]
noun: Female
Euhu [ʏħɘ]
noun: A type of fruit native to the Ueuiwu region
Euingirr [ʏɨŋɨʀ]
verb: To be
Eungeuthuy [ʏŋʏθɘʎ]
noun: Stir-fry made with eurrurr and a vegetable called eurrui
Eunu [ʏnɘ]
noun: Thanks
Eurrui [ʏʀɘɨ]
noun: A vegetable native to Uuheurr; a squash, with sticky, spotted green-on-orange flesh
Eurrurr [ʏʀɘʀ]
noun: A vegetable native to Uuheurr; a legume, with sticky, deep green flesh
Eutheupir [ʏθʏp̪ɨɻ]
pronoun: I; first-person pronoun
Euudeu [ʏɘd̪ʏ]
adjective: Placid; serene
Euweurri [ʏhwʏʀɨ]
noun: Alcohol
Euxeuzeubf [ʏxʏzʏʙ]
noun: The local currency
Ieuh [ɨʏħ]
adjective: Outsider
Ieuj [ɨʏχ]
noun: Teahouse
Ieurr [ɨʏʀ]
noun: Male
Ieuth [ɨʏθ]
adverb: Where
Iirr [ɨɨʀ]
noun: Name
Ingueurr [ɨŋɘʏʀ]
noun: Sorry
Irreurr [ɨʀʏʀ]
noun: Cafe
Irri [ɨʀɨ]
adjective: Tasty
Irru [ɨʀɘ]
noun: Market; shopping district
Irrurr [ɨʀɘʀ]
noun: Light soup made with eudirreud meat and a vegetable called eurrui
Iungeu [ɨɘŋʏ]
noun: Coin
Iuzheup [ɨɘʒʏp̪]
noun: Hello
Ueuheu [ɘʏħʏ]
noun: A river in Uurreuir
Ueuheung [ɘʏħʏŋ]
noun: Pastry
Ueuiwu [ɘʏɨhwɘ]
noun: The region of Uurreuir in which Uuheurr is situated
Ughi [ɘɣɨ]
adjective: Delicious
Upi [ɘp̪ɨ]
noun: Restaraunt
Urreu [ɘʀʏ]
noun: Goodbye
Urreungeur [ɘʀʏŋʏɽ]
noun: Dish made with game and a vegetable called eurrui
Uuheurr [ɘɘħʏʀ]
noun: A city in Uurreuir
Uurreudut [ɘɘʀʏd̪ɘt̪]
noun: A city near Uuheurr in Uurreuir
Uurreuir [ɘɘʀʏɨɽ]
noun: The country in which Uuheurr is situated
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Eubfupeu are tiny, white birds with sharp talons that can jump as high as 30 feet. Locals believe they are manifestations of the spirits of the dead.


Local Produce

With its rich soil and arctic climate, Uuheurr is the home to some delicious native produce. Be sure to try Euhu, a teardrop-shaped fruit with a fibrous core containing small seeds. The rind is mottled green-on-orange and has a mildly bitter flavor. The flesh is segmented, mottled orange-on-green and intensely sweet, with fragrant juice.

Tea Culture

Tea is a vital part of daily life in Uuheurr. The local brew, known as eueugheurr, is served scalding hot and the fragrant steam is enjoyed as a first course while the tea cools. It is steeped to a golden yellow color, and has a flavor reminiscent of cinnamon and cumin. People sometimes drink it with a sweet fruit syrup, and it is thought to have a mild calming effect.